A solar electric security fence for a power utility company


A power utility company needed a solar electric security fence solution for one of their sites which did not have any power on the perimeter. They wanted to use the latest digital technology to monitor their fence remotely.


Being a power provider, the client required that the facility be protected from vandalism and burglaries. They had previously had attempted break-ins and were not able to verify the intrusion point.


There was an existing fence infrastructure with old electronic equipment which was no longer used. We replaced the older generation energizers with four new Druid 28 energizers, Druid Nemlink cards and wireless transmitters. The units were each placed in an Aluminium Box for security purposes, the boxes were also used to house the 15Amp solar regulator, 100Amp hour battery and wiring. Once the hardware was installed the Druid Controller FG7 and Druid fence probe software were used to control and monitor the fence and the communications from a remote location.


The customer was very satisfied with the solution, and knowing that the new digital platform would allow their security staff to monitor all alarms, voltages and events from a central remote location. They are now considering rolling out the technology across their numerous branches.