Electric security fence delivers peace of mind


An elderly married couple residing in Johannesburg were recently held up at gun point in their home. With only some of their belongings stolen, they did not want to risk living in fear of the culprits returning for the rest.


They needed an advanced warning security device which could alert them in the case of an intrusion onto their property. A monitored electric security fence was the best option.


A wall top electric security fence was installed using Nemtek’s 8 wire square tubing brackets, mounted with nail in anchors and stays to support the brackets in the corners. Nemtek’s highest quality grade of wire was tensioned with compression springs, hooks and ferrules. The Nemtek Merlin 4 energizer with a siren, strobe and lightning protection was installed in the garage, and the Merlin 4 keypad was installed in the bedroom for easy access should an alarm sound. The warning signs and earth spikes were placed at the legal required spacing, and with the addition of a Nemtek in line sliding gate contact, the gate also became part of the monitored electric security fence. For added security, wall mount loops and in line earth loops were installed in case someone tried to tamper with the electric fence wires.


This home is now securely protected by a monitored security electric fence solution which will sound an alarm if it is cut or tampered with. These customers now have peace of mind knowing that their property is secure, and that they have a reliable and robust deterrent and advanced warning system in place.