Electric security fence protects Ransom Wood Industrial Park Solar Farm


Nemtek were approached by Michael Cannon of Ransom Wood Industrial Park to secure their recently built Solar Farm. This is being used to power their industrial units and offices, thus reducing their outgoings and carbon footprint.

Due to the remoteness of the solar farm, Mr Cannon was concerned that any breach of security and subsequent theft of copper cables and solar panels would result in an interruption of their power supply. Additionally, he was also worried that any potential thief or vandal would be putting their own well-being at serious risk due to the high voltages associated with the banks of solar panels.


Due to the remoteness of the site our brief was to provide a monitored solution via our Nemtek electric security fence system, that would allow for full perimeter protection, saving the considerable costs of 24-hour security patrols.


A three metre high 30 wire Nemtek Omega system was attached to a 2.4 metre high perimeter Mesh fence. A six zone Merlin Master and Slave energizer system was installed which was integrated into the CCTV and lighting systems. The Nemtek electric fence was split into six independent monitored zones, so that should a breach in the fence line occur, the appropriate action and response could quickly be directed to that specific location.


Over the three years since the fence line perimeter of the Solar farm was completely protected by a Nemtek electric security fence system, the Solar Farm is pleased to report that they have had no unauthorised access onto their premises.