Monitored electric fence provides home security


A single young woman had recently purchased a home which had no security installed.


Living on her own, installing a home security solution that had an advanced warning feature was a high priority for her, both to act as a deterrent to any intruders, and to allow her to be able to react in time should an intrusion occur. A monitored electric security fence was an ideal solution to meet her needs.


A 10 wire wall top electric security fence using Nemtek’s square tubing brackets was installed. Stays were mounted in the corners for support. The wire chosen was tensioned with hybrid compression springs, spring hooks and ferrules. The Nemtek Druid 15 energizer with a Nemtek tag, a siren, strobe and lightning protection was installed in the tool shed. The optional extra keypad could be added to the energizer at a later stage if required. The warning signs and earth spikes were placed at the legal required spacing and, by means of a Nemtek in line sliding gate contact, the gate was also now part of this monitored electric security fence. For added security, wall mount loops and in line earth loops were installed in case anyone tampered with the electric fence wires.


With this solution installed, the customer can rest assured knowing that she is protected by a Nemtek electric security fence, which acts as a strong defence against intruders and provides advanced warning in the event someone tries to tamper or break through it.