Portable electric fence enclosure for cattle farm


Nemtek are regularly approached by farmers who require strip grazing solutions for cattle and other livestock such as sheep and goats.


A cattle farmer required an easy to install, portable strip grazing enclosure for his cattle to graze selected areas on the farm on a weekly basis. A temporary, portable electric poly wire fence is the perfect solution for a temporary cattle enclosure.


A 3 strand Nemtek Poly Wire with Nemtek tread-in post electric fence enclosure was installed along with a Nemtek Agri Solar 8 Energizer and gate systems. For neat and easy dispensing of the Poly Wire, a Nemtek Reel Holder is the perfect accessory for easy fence installation.


The Nemtek Poly Wire fencing portable cattle enclosure is the perfect solution for a situation such as this, providing the farmer with complete control over the strip grazing on his farm.