Wren Kitchens chooses a Nemtek electric security fence


Nemtek were approached by Mr Armando Sanchez, the Managing Director of Wren Kitchens, to secure the perimeter of their newly acquired Manufacturing and Distribution Centre at Barton near Hull.


Due to the large perimeter (about 4 kilometres), an effective solution was required so that site security could be maintained around the entire fence line, thereby reducing the reliance on expensive security patrols.


A 3 metre high 30 wire Nemtek electric security fence system was installed around the 4 kilometre perimeter of the site. The Omega system was attached to the existing 2.4 metre high chain link fence, and in certain areas, a 3 metre high 30 wire free-standing system was adopted.

The system has 50 zones in total and utilises the very reliable Merlin Stealth energizers, controlled via the Nemtek Merlin Fence Probe Software with a Sage Controller. This provides visual map images of the electric fence and relevant zones, and is displayed on a computer screen for ease of operation.


In the five years that the Nemtek electric security fence system has been installed, Wren Kitchens at Barton has not had any intrusions onto the premises via the perimeter fence line. The system has been completely stable and reliable.