Pet Electric Fence – Keep Pets In and Unwanted Animals Out

Stop wall climbing/jumping animals in their tracks

pet electric fenceThe 5-wire bracket makes for a great pet electric fence as it offers a slimline, robust, and aesthetically pleasing finish and can easily be installed onto wooden, steel, wire fences or brick walls to stop animals from jumping or climbing over. By using fibreglass and plastics in its fabrication phase, the product won’t rust, is of lightweight material and can be used in many harsh corrosive environments. The 460 mm bracket is ideal to keep pets and unwanted animals in or out of your property.

•   Modular design so that it can be assembled on-site to fit the needs of the
•   Durable and can be installed in most harsh environments.
•   Light to transport, and easy to handle.
•   Insulator can be installed on both sides of the bracket.
•   Insulators can be moved closer together or further apart from each other.

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Nemtek Team