Protecting bee colonies and honey farmers from bears


A rural community faced a recurring problem of bear intrusions that posed a significant threat to bee farms in the area. These intrusions not only resulted in damage to property but also jeopardized the safety of the beekeepers and the wellbeing of their bee colonies.


Nemtek was tasked with designing and supplying a fencing solution to effectively deter bears from entering bee farms, thereby protecting both the bee colonies and the livelihoods of the beekeepers or honey farmers.


Nemtek developed a solution to address the challenge of bear intrusion. The following actions were taken:

A 5-wire electric and 1 wire offset fence was specified, integrated with the existing fencing infrastructure, and raised to a height of 1.2 meters with wire placing at various intervals. 450mm Single Fencing offsets placed at the top of the fence allowed for an additional wire to be carried along the perimeter while extending the fence outwards to discourage climbing at tension posts and intermediate posts. The electric fence design featured multiple wires strategically placed to create a formidable barrier against bear intrusions. Strainers and heavy-duty strainers were used to ensure the 2.24mm Heavy Galvanized wires were properly tensioned and secure.

Nemtek specified both Agri 50 Solar and Agri 50 Battery/Mains energizers, to provide the necessary power and control for the electric fence. These energizers delivered a strong deterrent against bear intrusions.


Following the implementation of Nemtek’s electric fencing solution, the rural community of beekeepers experienced a reduction in bear intrusions. Bee farms were effectively shielded from bear incursions, minimizing damage and ensuring the safety of both bee colonies and the beekeepers or honey farmers.