Dog electric fence – yes, you heard correct!

Want to Get an Electric Fence for Your Dog? Read This First.

Getting a dog electric fence or pet electric fence for that matter, is not as extreme as it sounds. You need to choose the right product according to your needs (as well as the needs of animals). Did you know you can use specific pet electric fencing to keep your beloved pets out of your beautifully landscaped gardens and veggie patches?

The Psychology Behind Electrified Fencing

dog electric fenceAs any dog or domestic pet owner would like to attest, these animals tend to have their own personalities. Much like people, your pets have quirks and behaviours that make them unique. Dogs tend to learn with each new experience, and they will navigate their worlds accordingly. An excited Labrador will only accost an angry cat once or twice before learning that cats have sharp claws and that those sharp claws can hurt. An explorative pooch will learn just as quickly that an electric fence is not to be touched or approached.

Electrified fences serve as both psychological and physical barriers. Any rebellious animal will get a short sharp memorable shock when they make contact with electrified pet fencing, which is usually more than enough to deter any further attempts at crossing the barrier.

How to Keep Your Dog Out of Your Garden with an Electric Fence

pet stop electric fenceDogs love to dig, but it can be problematic behaviour for pet owners who want to keep their garden beds pristine, and their dogs clean. Training your dog to stay out of your garden can be a time-consuming process, if not outright futile (if the behaviour is already entrenched). One of the most efficient ways to keep your dogs out of your stunning rose beds or thriving veggie patches, is to simply make it hard or impossible for them to access those areas in the first place.

A physical barrier like an electric fence can work wonders for your garden. Your furry friends won’t be in any danger (and neither will your plants) because there are electrified fences that are specifically designed for dogs and pets. These fences work according to the psychological principles outlined above – they don’t cause enough pain to result in injury, but they are also potent enough to discourage your dog from attempting to cross the barrier more than once or twice. These fences tend to be cost-efficient as well, as you will only need to fence off a small area, as opposed to the entire perimeter of the property. And once your pet is familiar with the fence wire, the fence can then in many instances be turned off. The visual aspect of the wire is enough to deter them.

If you need to keep your dog or pet out of your garden or veggie patch, consider the Nemtek Pet Stop Solar Powered Kit – an electric fencing solution to keep your garden thriving and your beloved pets at bay.