Electric security fence protects residential complex


Nemtek was approached by an apartment complex committee to secure their perimeter. The complex had been experiencing robberies, vandalism and car theft on a regular basis, leaving residents concerned for their safety and well-being.


Due to the complex being close to the main road and next to an open free standing lot, it was vulnerable to potential crime related incidences. As a result, the client required a monitored electric security fencing system that would allow the perimeter to be protected, and save the complex the costs associated with having security guards patrolling the perimeter 24 hours a day.


A 10 strand, Nemtek Top Bend wall top fence and Druid 28 LCD 2 zone energizers was installed, along with a two zone keypad and LIDII (Lightning inhibitor and diverter). Nemtek fence lights were also installed to indicate that the fence is electrified. The fence has been split into two zones so that the customer and armed response know where the fence had been breached, so that the affected area can be dealt with more quickly.


Due to the property’s perimeter being completely protected by a Nemtek electric security fence the occupants have gained peace of mind in knowing that their residence and belongings are well secured. This solution has also resulted in savings for the complex in regards to no longer requiring 24 hour security patrols.