Timed Fence Light

The frequency of the flashing LEDs indicates the voltage level on the fence. The longer the period between flashes, the lower the voltage on the fence. The intensity of the light remains the same so it can be seen from far irrespective of the fence voltage. It is installed between the earth and live wire to indicate the status and condition of the fence for peace of mind.


  • Dark grey fence light for galvanised and aluminium wire
  • Blue fence light for stainless steel wire
  • Visible from up to 1km at night and 100m during the day
  • No batteries required – uses minimal power from the fence
  • Highly visible LEDs allow for a 160-degree viewing angle. This allows the light to shine into the secure area only
  • Can operate from 0.9kV to 12kV
  • Can be used with most electric fence energizers


Weight N/A

Plastic and water tight compound

Steel wire connectors

Galvanised (Grey housing)
Stainless Steel (Blue housing)

IP rating


Flashing Rates

1. Flashing normally rate over ~7.5kV
2. Flashing at 25% slower than normal between 7.5kV~3kV
3. Flashing at 50% slower than normal between 3kV~2.5kV
4. Flashing at 75% slower than normal when less than ~2.5kV

Stock CodeDescription

Grey Timed Fence light


Blue Timed Fence light