Monitored electric security fence protects commercial premises


Nemtek was approached by a large warehouse and office commercial park to secure their premises which, at the time, had no perimeter security.


The client held a large amount of stock in their warehouse and the perimeter needed to be protected with an electric security fence solution. This would act as a deterrent to thieves and also provide the office with the ability to monitor the fence, thereby eliminating the need to have a guard patrolling the property for 24 hours a day.


The perimeter had palisade gates at the entrance to the offices as well as at the rear of the building for receiving and dispatch. High walls made up the remainder of the property. This meant that different options had to be used for the electric fence.

A 30 wire Omega fence was erected to cover the inside of the walls and palisades for the entire perimeter. An additional skirt electric fence was put up on the palisade facing the main road to prevent intrusion from underneath the fence. The entire fence is being monitored and electrified by three independent Druid 28 Energizers. This allows the fence to be broken up into 6 or more manageable zones so that should an intrusion occur, the point of access can be easily identified.


Now that the property’s perimeter is being protected and monitored by an electric security fence this customer has peace of mind knowing that their offices and warehouse, and the assets therein, are secure. They no longer need to employ guards to patrol the property 24 hours a day so this has resulted in cost savings.