Omega Spacer

The Omega spacers can be used with the Omega intermediates and the end and corner brackets to space these brackets away from the fence or wall. The spacer when used on a wall or flat surface will give you a spacing of 35mm between the wall and the Omega bracket and 85mm between the wire and the wall. The Omega spacer has a curved base which allows it to be also mounted onto a round tube. The spacing when used on a round tube will be 28mm between the round tube and the Omega bracket, and 78mm between the wire and the round tube. Two spacers can be used together to double the spacing. The five different mounting holes on the spacer make it very flexible for different needs.

Instruction Manual – Omega Bracket


  • Heavy duty design
  • Two spacers can be used to further increase the spacing
  • Five different mounting hole options
  • Quick fit design


Weight 0.024 kg

UV stabilised plastic

Stock CodeDescription
EY-O/SWTOmega Spacer