Solar powered electric fence for game farm


Nemtek was contacted by a local game farm owner to secure the existing 13.5 km perimeter fence to prevent his game animals from escaping, and to ensure that predators were kept out.


The game farm has no mains power available to electrify the fence, so solar panels were required to provide the fence with electricity.


A 5 strand electric game fence with four live and one earth wire was installed, by using two Nemtek double offset brackets and a single Nemtek offset bracket at intervals. On the double offset brackets, one live and one earth wire was used to improve earthing along the fence. The Nemtek single-offset brackets were used for the remaining live wires. To electrify the fence a Nemtek Druid 114 LCD Energizer, powered by a Nemtek solar panel and batteries, was installed in a Nemtek shock box to protect the energizer from the outdoor elements and theft.


With the solar powered electric fence installed, the farmer is now in complete control of the perimeter fence on his game farm. He has peace of mind knowing that his game animals are safely confined and prevented from escaping, and that they are protected from predators trying to enter through the fence. Now that the animals keep their distance from the electrified fence, the maintenance on it has decreased dramatically, so it has had the added benefit of saving the farmer time and money.