Aluminium Enclosures

The aluminium enclosure is ideal for housing energizers and accessories. It is weatherproof and can be used in coastal areas due to the aluminium finish. It has a stainless steel lock and key, and air vents for cooling.


  • Ventilated for cooling
  • Wooden electrically isolated backing plate for mounting the energizers and accessories
  • Large capacity to house double energizers, solar regulator and deep cycle batteries
  • The shock box version is used for securing the box and its contents by electrifying the box itself


Weight N/A

Aluminium tread plate with a wooden internal back mounting board
Stainless steel hinges and locks

IP rating


Internal Dimensions

Small: 450(w) x 610(h) x 260(d)mm
Large: 800(w) x 400(h) x 300(d)mm
XL: 800(w) x 760(h) x 300(d)mm

External Dimensions

Small: 450(w) x 640(h) x 310(d)mm
Large: 800(w) x 640(h) x 350(d)mm
XL: 800(w) x 790(h) x 350(d)mm

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Small Aluminium Enclosure


Large Aluminium Enclosure


XL Aluminium Enclosure