Robust solution ensures safety of communities and farmland from wolves


A wildlife conservation organization approached our team with a critical challenge. They needed a robust fencing solution to ensure the safety of farmland and neighbouring communities from wolves.


The task given to Nemtek was to provide a system that would protect demarcated land from the intrusion of wolves and protect the variety of livestock and wildlife in the area.


​To meet the requirements, Nemtek designed a solution for safeguarding the livestock and various protected wildlife in the area. A 6-wire electric fence was created using insulators attached to the existing welded mesh perimeter fence. The Single Live Tip Fencing Offset Bracket placed at the top of the fence allowed for an additional wire to be carried along the perimeter while extending the fence outwards to discourage climbing or jumping, installed at intervals with a maximum of 10m apart. Heavy-duty strainers and combo tensioners were employed for precise tensioning, along with strainers to maintain consistent wire tension throughout the fence’s length. This ensured that the electric fence remained highly effective and secure. Nemtek Agri 50 Solar energizers were also installed and housed in metal enclosures to control the electric fence.


With the various areas of the existing fence now covered by Nemtek’s electric fencing solution, the wildlife organization now has peace of mind that their animals are kept safe and secure from wolves and predators, and from escaping.