Solar powered electric fence secures family horse paddock


For my daughters 13th birthday, my husband and I decided to buy her a horse. After a long search we found the perfect brown coloured filly. Mary, the horse, was quite adventurous and kept escaping from the paddock.


I needed a quick, effective and reliable solution that would stop Mary from escaping. A friend suggested that I contact Nemtek.


Together with Nemtek we worked out the solution of installing 40mm horse tape (consisting of 3 lines of tape) around the perimeter of the paddock. We also used end and corner insulators with intermediate insulators mounted on my existing wooden posts, and added joiner and termination buckles for the start and finish ends of the tape. Lastly, we added a gate handle kit to electrify the entrance to the paddock.

I decided on a battery operated solar energizer as I had no mains power close to the paddock. I added a lightning inhibitor/diverter to provide protection from power surges, attached earth spikes to the energizer using HT cable and line clamps, and inserted the spikes into the ground to ensure an effective shock. Lastly, I added a couple of warning signs to alert people to the fact that this is an electric fence.


Using Nemtek’s equine electric fencing system I now have peace of mind, knowing that my horse, Mary, is safe from predators and is protected from injuring herself when trying to escape. The colours used in the Nemtek equine range are highly visible to horses thus reducing accidents. I am happy to say that our Filly Mary, as playful and adventurous as she is, no longer escapes.