Stop wild boars in their tracks


A farming community was struggling with an escalating issue of wild boar intrusion, resulting in significant damage to their crops and posing a threat to neighbouring properties. They urgently needed an effective fencing solution to safeguard their farmland and ensure the safety of their community.


Nemtek was tasked with designing and implementing a fencing system that could effectively deter wild boars from entering the farmland, thereby protecting crops and securing the livelihoods of the local community.


To tackle this challenge, Nemtek developed a comprehensive solution tailored to prevent wild boar intrusion. The following actions were taken:

A 6-wire electric fence was specified, to be attached to the existing fencing infrastructure. The electric fence design featured two 450mm Single Fencing offsets employed at the base and midsection of the fence to carry an additional two wires along the perimeter. This innovative design discouraged wild boars from attempting to dig beneath the fence line. Heavy-duty strainers and combo tensioners were employed to achieve precise tensioning of the robust 2.24mm Galvanized solid wire along the entire fence, ensuring consistent wire tension and guaranteeing the fence remained highly effective and secure.

The heart of the system, Nemtek Agri 50 battery/mains Energizers, were specified. These powerful energizers supplied the necessary power and control for the electric fence, delivering a great deterrence against wild boar intrusion


With the implementation of Nemtek’s electric fencing solution, the farming community experienced a significant reduction in wild boar intrusions. Their crops and vineyards were effectively shielded, and the threat to their livelihoods was substantially diminished. The community now enjoys peace of mind, knowing that their farmland is secure from wild boar damage.