FG7C Tension Sensor Network IO Card

The FG7C Tension Sensor Network IO Card is typically used as an interface between a network containing an FG7C Tension Sensor Controller and third-party systems. The 5-way Network IO Card provides 5 digital inputs linked together via common ground and 5 plus 1 output communication relay, each with normally open and normally closed contacts. The relay contacts can be configured to be potential-free, independent, dry contacts, or set to wet contacts with a common ground and a nominal 12V output.


  • Used with an FG7C Controller
  • 4 plus 1 relay outputs (4 user relays + 1 communication relay)
  • Robust surge protection is included on all inputs and outputs
  • All relays can be individually configured to be independent dry contacts or common-ground wet contacts with 12V nominal output
  • Each relay has a very useful LED indicator to show if the relay is energized
  • 3 communications debug LED indicators for TX, RX and VALID COMMAND
  • 1 power-on LED indicator
  • In addition to the input states, the IO card also reports back temperature and supply voltage level
  • Up to 31 unique addresses can be set using on-card jumpers
  • Designed to mount into a Nemtek battery-backed power pack (PP-2.0AMP)


Weight 0.212 kg

L180mm x W112mm x H22mm



Power supply

10V – 15Vdc

Stock CodeDescription
EE-FGIO5FG7C Tension Sensor Network IO Card