LCD Energizer Programmer

Most Nemtek Agri energizers can be programmed and have their power and efficiency levels monitored using the LCD energizer programmer. This programmer allows you to perform and monitor a number of fence functions when you use it with the energizer.

User and Installer Instruction manual-Agri Energizer 0.5J,1J,2J


  • Can be used as a torch
  • Can also be used to lock the energizer with a pin code and render the unit useless if stolen
  • Adjusting fence voltage and pulse rate
  • Independent day/night setting of fence voltage and pulse rate
  • Fence voltage control that can be switched between conventional and APT modes
  • Adjusting energizer overload warning threshold
  • Accurate battery voltage reporting
  • Memory of lowest-recorded fence voltage
  • Memory of highest-recorded energizer effort


Weight 0.048 kg

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED)

Battery Type

2 x AAA (Included)

Stock CodeDescription
AE-A/KCREMLCD Energizer Programmer