Modulus 3-Way Bracket

The Modulus range offers a slimline aesthetically pleasing finish to the Nemtek electric fencing range of brackets. Using fibreglass and plastics in its construction it can be used in many harsh corrosive environments. The patented Modulus brackets are designed with flexibility in mind and different options can be made up as needed using Modulus slide insulators and spacers.

The Modulus 3-Way brackets are used as end tensioning brackets, as corner brackets, to change the wire direction, or as inline strain brackets on long straight walls.

Brochure - Modulus brackets system
Brochure - Modulus System


  • Modular design so that it can be assembled on site to fit the needs of the installation
  • Durable and can be installed in most harsh environments
  • Light to transport, and easy to handle
  • Increased security as more wire can be assembled on the bracket when rewired
  • Insulator can be installed on both sides


Weight N/A

UV Stabilised Fibreglass


5 lines – 460mm
10 lines – 960mm
12 lines – 1160mm
20 lines – 1960mm
24 lines – 2360mm
27 lines – 2660mm

Stock CodeDescription

460mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (5 Lines)


960mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (10 Lines)


1160mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (12 Lines)


1960mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (20 Lines)


2360mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (24 Lines)


2660mm Modulus 3-Way Bracket (27 Lines)