Node Controllers

The Node Controllers provides a communication interface to the Nemtek Tension wire sensors and any other third-party security systems. Two separate sensor input channels are provided – each capable of accommodating up to 31 tension sensors and can be easily configured and programmed.

There are two variations to the node controller. The Node 1 can communicate and interface to third-party security systems through an ethernet port (Nemlink) or with the Nemtek Smartcard on a network. The Node 2 can communicate and interface to the third-party security systems through the two relays provided.

Installer Manual for TautWire node
Network Guide for Druid LCD2X Energizers


  • Robust surge protection is included on all inputs and outputs
  • 2 relay outputs
  • 3 sets of communications debug LED indicators for TX and RX
  • 1 power-on LED indicator
  • Temperature and supply-voltage-level monitoring can be reported
  • Up to 31 TW sensors per channel (total of 62 TWs)
  • Removable connectors ease replacement
  • Designed to mount into a Nemtek battery-backed power pack (PP-2.0AMP)


Weight N/A

140(L) x 22(H) x 110(D)mm



Power supply

10V – 15Vdc

Current consumption

Node 1 – 300mA 40mA per energised relay 9mA per TW sensor
Node 2 – 220mA 40mA per energised relay 9mA per TW sensor

Stock CodeDescription

Tension sensor controller – node 1 (Nemlink)


Tension sensor controller – node 2 (Relay out)