Stranded Galvanised XL Wire

Stranded Galvanised XL Wire has a life span of up to 3 times longer than the stranded galvanised wire.

Stranded galvanised XL wire is hard to cut due to its high tensile strength. The flexibility offered by the stranded wire construction makes working with this wire easier during installation and results in a neat clean looking fence without compromising the fence’s performance.

Specifications - Fence wire
Data sheet - Fence wires


  • Good corrosion resistance for most environments (+5km from coastline)
  • Low electrical resistance allows for longer fences to be powered by an energizer
  • Easy to work with stranded wires
  • It’s high tensile strength makes it harder to cut


Weight N/A

XL Galvanised Steel



Tensile breaking strength

1.6mm: 60kg
2.0mm: 80kg


1.6mm: 100 Ohms/km
2.0mm: 60 Ohms/km

Stock CodeDescription

2.0mm Stranded Galvanised XL Wire 1000m