Fence Scope Multi Tool

The Fence Scope is a 4 in 1 multi tool that helps diagnose problems on your fence to optimize electric fence installation and ensure that the fence continues to operate at ideal levels.

User manual Fence Scope multi tool

There are four operation modes to select from:

  1. Fence Probe mode – quickly indicates the direction of a fence fault, showing the voltage and current
  2. Fence energy mode – accurately measures the output energy along the fence. This mode can be used to test the size of the shock the intruder will receive at any point along the fence by simulating the intruder. This helps to ensure that the voltage and the energy is sufficient along the entire fence to deliver an appropriate shock to the intruder.
  3. Fence scope mode – this can record and display wave forms of the electric fence pulse. Distortions in the wave form (wave shape) generally indicate that there are fence faults.
  4. Fence noise mode – this shows the amount of electromagnetic interference generated by the fence or energizer. This feature assists in finding cracked or broken insulators, sparks and shorts along the fence.

*Pouch sold separately


Weight 0.614 kg

Liquid-Crystal Display (LCD)
Landscape Orientation
1bit/pix colour depth
128 x 64 Pixels

Operating temperature

-10°C to 50°C

Battery Type

9V alkaline, 6LR6 / PP3, 50 hours typical battery life (without using backlight)


102 mm W x 50 mm H x 192 mm L


251g (without battery)
298g (with battery)

Stock CodeDescription
TL-FSFence Scope Multi Tool