Solar Regulator – LED

This LED solar regulator offers advanced MPP technology for over 90% efficiency when used with a 140Watt solar panel. It can also be used with solar panels sizes from 20Watt to 200Watts making it very flexible. Larger than the 140Watt solar panels can be used in areas where sunlight intensity is low increasing the capture of sunlight.


  • LED display indicates and shows solar charge, battery condition and load indication
  • Set to operate as a 12VDC system
  • The regulator is equipped with various devices to protect its electronics
  • Ideally suited for electric fencing that requires solar panels and batteries in remote areas


Weight 0.4 kg
Power-handling capability




Maximum solar panel input voltage


Solar panel input range

20W – 200W

Battery charge voltage

14.3VDC (Flooded, AGM, Gel Suitable lead acid battery types)

Recommended battery capacity

Solar Panel < 90W – Minimum 40Ah
Solar Panel > 90W – Minimum 90Ah

Maximum flat battery charge current

11A** (11VDC)

Maximum load supply current


Load disconnect voltage


Operating temperature

-20° – 55°C

Terminal size

6mm /12AWG


5mm Hole Diameter

Stock CodeDescription
SOL-REG140Solar Regulator - LED